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Upgrading your knowledge in financial literacy to learn how money works and to equip yourself with the skills to stay on top of any shifting market in today’s economy is a very wise investment to make.

Money is the answer to every problem Said’s King Solomon. It is the source of human power and energy, henceforth, money needs to be handled with circumspection as the number one priority of every living being on this planet.

It is against this background that, we have taken the ideal initiative to schooled our youth on the following for free; the dynamics of money, cash flow management, source of income, the steps to wealth creation and above all the Almighty principle of Cut, Save and Invest (CSI) to help the youth know when to use money, how to use money, what to spend their money on, and then how to save or invest their money in a profitable venture for their financial security. Again to instill the impulse for financial discipline into our youth for them to escape the Parkinson’s law.

History has it that, greatness has only been achieved by people with vision and every outstanding accomplishment, owes it conception to vision. Vision is the primary motivator of human life; it influences the way one conducts his or her entire life, such as what you spend your time and money on and what your priorities are.

Without vision one has no values that guides his or her living, Life has no sense of direction, Activity has no meaning, Time has no purpose and Resource has no application. There are those who have no vision for their life and wonder how to get one. There are others who have a vision, but are stuck in the mud of confusion not knowing what to do next.

Then there are those who had a vision but have abandoned it because of discouragement, some measure of failure, disillusionment or frustration. With respect to this, we have seen the need to help our youth to discover their vision or dream, understand the nature of vision, define vision, capture or recapture personal vision or simplify ones vision and then document their vision to serve as a directional map to navigate their actions.

Interview plays an important role in job application and selection process. However, this is seen as the number one problem or impediment of most job seekers.

As a result we have taken the initiative to train or schools our youth on successful job hunting practices, professional presentation and work place demeanor and improve their employ ability skills or increase their chances of finding jobs that best support their long term careers.

The topic to be treated includes how to prepare for successful interview (before, during and after), common interview questions and answers, confident building, effective communication skills and standard resume writing.