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Mr. Prince Paintsil

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Beloved Ghanaian youth, it is indeed a pleasure to share some few words with you. A time has come for us to rise and project the image of our motherland to the apex of the global economy through innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

I would like to borrow the words of the President that “Ghana is beyond Aid” and the materialization and the sustainability of this will be, when we position ourselves for the opportunity. Ghana and Africa will thrive when we the youth thrives. We are the future of Ghana and Africa and that future begins NOW. 

We have a future to define; we are the champion of new Africa; let us then take control of who we are as youth, so that we become the man or woman we want to become.

There are three main key words I have discovered as the engine behind unemployment and abject poverty among the youth, and that are ignorance, mediocrity and lack of vision.  It was against this background that, Intellectual Icon group was established to curtail this menace and security threatening canker in our motherland.