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Youth Apprenticeship Programs

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Youth Apprenticeship Programs

$ 9050 Needed Donation

Entrepreneurship is the engine of the growth of every economy. It plays an instrumental role in the socio economic development of every nation and makes individuals, a useful asset in their local communities thereby seen as the cardinal tool for employment and financial security.

YAP is introduce to place trained and select less privilege youth adult and school dropout into our Partners beauticians, barbers, decor and floral designs, fashion designing firms and aluminum glass fabricators etc. for free practical  vocational training.

However, before the apprenticeship training the youth will be schooled on our tailored basic business development training programs such as,

how to start your own small business, leadership, business branding and marketing strategies, the five OP’s, business registration, standard business plan and proposal writing, and ten (10) things one can do with little or without money, to help our youth meet the demand for the 21st century business pace.

The long term aim is to empower our youth and school dropout to have total control over their finances and entire life by becoming bosses on their own.